McCutcheon v FEC (II),

Complaint and motion for Preliminary Injunction


Our firm has a range of clients across the nation who need our help complying with government regulation of political activities.

  • Federal Candidates and Campaigns, Political Action Committees, Political Party Committees.

  • Non-Profit Organizations, including 501(c)(3) charities, 501(c)(4) social welfare and civic groups, 501(c)(6) business leagues, and 501(c)(19) veteran organizations.

  • For-Profit Businesses and Corporations who provide services to political clients or engage in political activity themselves.



We provide our clients legal advisory to help navigate complex political laws implemented by the Federal Election Commission, the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Communications Commission, and other federal and state government agencies.

Formation, ongoing compliance advisory, and wind-down services such as:

  • Governance, maintenance of internal compliance, Board procedures, and operations.

  • Transactional matters such as reviewing, negotiating and drafting contracts and other organization letters or documents for those receiving or providing political services.

  • Preparation of regulatory filings such as FEC periodic reports, IRS annual form 990.

  • Compliance with federal and state exempt organization and charitable, government lobbying, ethics, and foreign agent registration laws.


We also help clients navigate more complex and novel political matters.

  • FEC Audit defense, including interceding where your organization is not the respondent, but is named in the Audit and may be subject to negative ramifications without notice.

  • Matter Under Review (MUR) or enforcement matter defense to deal with the increasing probability of complaints from political adversaries and resolving more substantial FEC or compliance issues.

  • FEC Advisory Opinions and litigation in situations where the organization is interested in expanding the scope – and pushing the envelope - of permissible activity.

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